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The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Wednesday, July 23, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, Nouri's War Crimes get called out, the US government's decision to supply Nouri with weapons he can use on the Iraqi people gets noted, Brett McGurk's spin to Congress falls flat, and much more. US House Rep Ed Royce: Never has a terrorist organization itself controlled such a large, resource-rich safe haven as ISIS does today. Never has a terrorist organization possessed the heavy weaponry, cash and personnel that ISIS does today -- which includes thousands of western passport holders. The Iraqi population is terrorized; they have suffered mass executions and harsh sharia law. Last week, the remaining members of the ancient Christian community in Mosul fled on foot in face of ISIS demands that they convert or face death. To be clear, ISIS's take-over has been aided by Prime Minister Maliki’s malfeasance and incompetence. Maliki has disastrously failed to... (more)

It's funny how I was sitting here working on some updates and editing, etc, and I got a feeling all of a sudden; and here I am! I am answering some inner gut thing and I had to come and see you. I loved this particular image; it says it all doesn't it?! It is so amusing! I also happen to think it's as cute as bedamned and I love to smile! I was just trying to imagine how I was going to handle my near-starvation as I haven't really eaten today and it's starting to get on my nerves! I don't like feeling hungry that way. Oh I don't mind a little emptiness - it can be good for the soul! But not this kind of empty! I might just put the kettle on darling and see if you'd like to have lunch with me. It's just after 1.30 in the afternoon over here (Thursday) and I've got some stuff to talk about too - I suppose it could be any old thing and I'd be happy to just chat away with you. Mind you (sweetlife) I'd give anything to hear your voice as you address me - I've always longed for that... (more)

wood plastic decking for patio
decks, patios, swimming pools and spas with landscaping style from the Deck and Patio Company located in Extended Island, NYDecks and patios are subjected to cycles of moist and dry, inflammation and shrinking. The damaging effects in the weather bring about wood to warp, crack, break up, and cup.Teaching the way to strategy a patio deck style with totally free decking layouts, suggestions, design a patio computer software, and the best way to produce a deck composite.BlockTile B2US4630 Deck and Patio Flooring Interlocking Tiles Perforated Pack, Gray, 30-Pack by BlockTileDeck design and style and decorating suggestions from HGTV specialists.composite horizontal fence Learn every thing about decks from the best way to construct a deck to the way to thoroughly clean a deck.Come across good bargains on eBay for Deck Patio Furnishings and swimming pool chairs. Shop with confidence.Deck and Patio Outside Design and style at Patio Style Tips - Outside Patio Styles. Deck and Patio Outdoor... (more)

drama queen
after eons i posted something
i never though i would be back here~ it was just a random whim a little while ago to look back at my previous blogs was so scared when the website said "due to inactivity we deactivated your account" my heart stopped good thing i remembered the password >__< i dont know if i am going to be back for good but yeah hello blog drive. my college days were awesome with you.

welcome tinydeal
Kingston vi aiuta a fare spazio alle foto sullo smartphone
Kingston ha annunciato la scheda di memoria microSDHC/SDXC classe 10UHS-I 90R/45W e l'adattatore DataTraveler microDuo 3.0: due accessori molto utili in vista della vacanze perché permetteranno di espandere la capacità di archiviazione di smartphone e tablet senza bisogno di connetterli a un PC. Il drive hard disk usb 260 3.0 in sostanza è un supporto che offre spazio di archiviazione aggiuntivo ai dispositivi mobile abilitati USB On-The-Go, fra cui probabilmente i vostri smartphone e tablet. In sostanza vi basterà sfruttare l'ingresso standard USB 3.0 e il connettore microUSB per collegare questo supporto direttamente ai prodotti portatili. DataTraveler microDuo espande fino a 64 GB la memoria (su Tinydeal è in vendita a 41,45 euro) di dispositivi con sistema Android e consente di trasferire file, foto, video e musica da tablet o smartphone al drive USB e viceversa. Il drive si adatta a tutti i dispositivi compatibili con gli standard USB On-The-Go e... (more)

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